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willykuomusic, songwriter
willykuomusic, songwriter
willykuomusic, songwriter

Singer x Songwriter x Musician x Adventurer x Artist

A comprehensively passionate songwriter. 

Not just the name, but also the brand.

Let's be connected by music as it's the true common language worldwide.

Soul, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Country, Folk, Rock, Gypsy, etc. 

A musically versatile adventurer. 

Expressing the true feelings, to write the realness, to sing the emotions, to create the stories.

Be ferociously confident, rather than weakly arrogant.

Music is the great harbor for all the creatures in the world, I'm beyond honored to be a part of it.

- it's time to get musical!

Always have an exceedingly prosperous desire to make exceptional music, hope can find people who love music like I do and create something great together!

As music is the expression of art, I devote to writing for it, life is art, music is the way helping people truly get into it!

And I like to collaborate with other talented artists worldwide to present cool music works, perform a live concert, do improvisational gigs. 

Learning from each show I've performed, talking with the audiences, communicating with the bands, music comes from everything little thing in life, don't miss it.

In US, Australia, Philippines, Taiwan, etc, music is world, we're all living with it, see what we can do to make the world better and more musical!

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Willy Kuo
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